17 June 2019

Even though our company’s founding date was June 17, 2019, this date was the first step in turning a very big dream into reality.

Transforming a Dream into Reality

I would like to thank Cengiz Yürür (Kamak Makina), Adem Arı (Tarmak Makina), who contributed to the realization of this dream and with whom I took my first step into engineering, and finally Feti Çevik (Makser Makina) for their great contributions. These stops were very important for the history of Merge.

Endless Support and Courage

He had great support on the basis of the merger.

June 17, 2020

I would like to thank Cüneyt Tohumserper, who encouraged me and offered his endless support as I took the first step towards Mergen.

July 2019

Our first job is Azerbaijan – Vacuum press machine.

We Did Our First Job!

Gültekin Atıcı, we set out to determine our own destinies side by side in two different ways.

Thank you to everyone we walked with!

Even though we were doing similar work during the period when we were looking for an answer to the question of how to stay afloat, Alaaddin Yörenç, who supported Mergen, has a very special place in my opinion. Thank you.

With respect and love.

Thanks to Mr. Mehmet (Knet Yazılım), Mr. İshak (ünal automation), Birlik Rulman, Hidres, Eka, Digikon and Gev Vakum for supporting Mergen despite various blocking attempts while taking our first steps.

August 2019

Many thanks to our most important companions for technical support, Gökhan Altan Han and Cengiz Tunçsoy. Keep walking together.

September 2019

Thanks to Alper Ceyran, who became a reference point for us by purchasing our first CNC machine.

One of the Important Names of Our History

Mergen is an important name that will always be remembered in terms of its history. Thanks.

Our First Dealer!

Mr. Harun is at the most important point in determining the sales line of our company, we will go far together.

October 2019

İlk bayimiz Ünallar Makine.

January 2020

Moving to a new workplace.

We Moved to a New Workplace!

By moving to a new workplace, we focused on providing the best service to our valued customers.