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What is Cnc? What İs İt For?

what is cnc

The question of what is cnc is one of the most curious questions especially for those in the production sector.

Cnc is an abbreviation for computer numerical control and is known as a type of lathe. These machines are used to facilitate tasks that require manpower.

How does cnc work?

The way cnc works basically consists of minicomputers and microcomputers. The instruction programs in cnc machines are similar to a conventional keyboard and are fed only by a small computer. The main program is stored in the computer’s memory. It is basically used to shape the metal according to the commands it receives.

What does a cnc do?

Especially those who wonder what cnc machines, which are common in production facilities, are also quite a lot. CNC machines, which have many different types of functions, are used to perform functions such as carving, shaping, writing on many different materials such as wood, chipboard, MDF, plexi and light metals. CNC machines, which are fully automatic machines, provide very fast results.

Complex designs are now easier with cnc

Many difficult and complex designs can be made very easily with cnc. Special shapes, logos, figures and much more can be made very easily and in a short time with cnc machines. CNC machines, where all kinds of features such as cutting speed and depth can be adjusted, are one of the wonderful machines that offer the service you are looking for with high quality.

what is cnc what is done with cnc

What is done with cnc?

You can get support in many areas with cnc machines. Here is what can be done with cnc machines:

  • Turning and milling
  • Drilling and drilling
  • Carving and digging
  • 3d printing
  • Cutting and forming

It can be used in all areas of shaping, especially in this style.

Who uses CNC?

Cnc machines are used by cnc operators who have knowledge in this field. People who stand at the head of cnc machines in factories or workshops and use them are cnc operators. You can become a cnc operator after about 3 years of technical training.

How many types of cnc are there?

The different types of cnc machines are as follows:

  • Cnc lathe machine
  • Milling cnc machine
  • Drilling cnc machine
  • Cnc machine grinding
  • Laser cutting cnc machine
  • Plasma cutting cnc machine

Cnc machines are used in many sectors both in our country and in the world. Wood cnc, metal cnc or other types of cnc models produce very successful results in their operations instead of manpower. The above items are examples.

cnc what is cnc used in what sectors

In which sectors is CNC used?

The usage areas of cnc machines, which are popular fully automatic machines, are as follows:

  • Metal processing
  • Furniture
  • Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Aviation

It is among the most widely used sectors. According to the sector, the preferred cnc machine types also vary.

Metal processing

It is used in the metalworking industry to perform operations such as machining, dividing and drilling of parts. It is used in areas such as drilling and slotting, manufacturing of three-dimensional parts.


It is used for shaping wood. CNC machine is preferred in the furniture industry for carving, motif making, shaping, writing engraving and relief operations.


CNC machines are used to harmonize all kinds of parts and equipment used in the defense industry. It can successfully make parts with complex geometry, precise dimensioning and surface treatment.


By utilizing cnc machines in the production of materials used in agricultural production machines and agricultural parts, a more meticulous and faster work is revealed.


Jobs can be made easier with the use of cnc machines in many areas of the automotive sector, especially auto spare parts.


The most common use of cnc machines in aviation is to process aluminum frames used to hold airframes.

What is the Purpose of Cnc?

The primary purpose of cnc machines is to ensure that jobs that require manpower are done much easier and faster. Controlled by computer with numerical commands, cnc machines perform tasks such as cutting, processing and shaping. CNC machines, which perform even more delicate operations easily and meticulously, also save time.